Eco Solution fra PVC Products AS



Developed to produce optimal water quality for everyday use.

This filter system consists of several different components which together form a compact and very effective water purifier. All components are manufactured by reputable international manufacturers and purification properties are thus extremely well documented. The system is powered only by water pressure, power is therefore unnecessary.

The unit is very suitable for schools, health stations, staff camps, food production etc., where consumption does not exceed 1500 liters per hour.

The purifications system removes:

  • Bad smell
  • Bad taste
  • Bothersome color
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • 99,99% of pathogenic bacteria (E.Coli, salmonella, legionella, cholera, shigella, typhoid)
  • 99,999 % of parasites ((cryptosporidium, giardia)
  • Some heavy metals like lead and iron
  • 97 % chlorine
  • 99,7 % turbidity
  • Particles
  • Humus

The system also reduces the level of certain hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. This system will in most cases be able to produce drinking water quality. For optimal drinking water quality we recommended our Eco Friendly water purification unit.

Product Description

1.500 liter pr. hour at 4 bar pressure. Filter replacement after 100.000 to 150.000 liters or approximately 12 months of daily use. To be installed on the water intake. The unit does not tolerate frost.

38 cm
21 cm
32 cm