PVC Products Water Purification System


The PVC Products Water Purification System is a stand alone, self–contained water purification system primarily designed for use in emergencies. Can be mounted on trailer or truck.

The system is capable of supplying up to 20 000 litres of safe drinking water per hour, making it ideal for refugee camps and small villages. 

Can be set up quickly in field. Minimal training required for operation. 

Product Description
4 000 / 6 000 / 10 000 litres per hour (on skid) 15 000 / 20 000 litres per hour (mounted on trailer)
Suction filter (strainer) Diesel driven pump (electrical motor, optional). Diesel fuel not included. Flocculation unit Coagulation unit Sand filter Activated carbon filter Chlorine dosing unit Hoses Test kit for pH, chlorine and turbidity Operation manuals (Engineer’s manual and User’s field manual) Chemicals for 1200 hours operation are included Spare parts for pump maintenance and overhaul included
Packaging (4 000 litres):
The system is packed in wooden crates and shipped on euro pallets. One complete system fits onto two euro pallets, height of 1.35m. Pallet 1 mass: 222 kg. Pallet 2 mass: 322 kg.